The Dark side of solar energy boom

Updated: May 5, 2019

Don't let this go to landfill.

Disaster Risk Reduction

At SolaCycle we know that disasters can destroy communities and the environment in seconds, and they can strike without notice; which is why at the heart of sustainable development we believe in reducing the disaster risk of renewable energy is the only way forward.

SolaCycle works with governments and other stakeholders to ensure the reduction of disaster losses in lives and assets across communities and geographical environments is kept to a minimum.

Why is it important to reduce the risk of disaster?

Each solar panel (PV) contains chemicals that are hazardous to our environment and other living organisms such as humans and animals. Some of the chemicals are known to be carcinogenic and are currently disposed of at local tips or stored in peoples garden sheds and backyards around Australia.

History tells us, that action is taken only after mass destruction and devastation has occurred such as the ongoing issues surrounding asbestos, we at SolarCycle take the proactive approach of eliminating the risk to health and environment by removing renewable energy non-biodegradable toxic substances from our environment through Australia’s solar recycling plant.

The human Fingerprint on our environment via renewable energy

Energy is essential to the survival of humans and millions of other living things. Energy appears in many different ways, some man made, some are natural sources. Harvesting the natural sources of energy such as rays from the sun, requires the introduction of man-made products, technology and chemicals into our environment. Although renewable energy aims to reduce the rise of green house gases, it is also a contributor of other significant environmental and human issues.

At SolaCycle we focus on removing in a renewable way the impacts of the green energy sector from our environment by collecting and recycling decommissioned, defective or superceded products from the market-place. Our goal is to repurpose as much as possible and or safely destroy all traces of the remaining elements.